Who are we?

Prove My Copyright is a paid membership club that provides its membership with independent, third party proof that they were in control of original artistic material at the point of time it was registered. This is primarily used to prove copyright ownership.

Prove My Copyright was initially founded with the needs of the software development community in mind, but now serves the wider artistic community.
Our membership is spread around the globe with members from the US, UK, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, The United Arab Emirates, all the Scandinavian countries and more...

Our main secure servers that process our members files including the fingerprinting and timestamping are held in the city of Orem, Utah in the United States. Our secure backup servers which ensure that our members files stay available even in the result of a catastrophe are held in a separate location in Europe (NOT at the contact address below). Complete backups are performed every 2 days.

Our main contact address is
Bjornnasvagen 21
SE-113 47

We can be reached via e-mail at general@provemycopyright.com

Due to the global nature of our membership, we do not offer support over the telephone, but will try and reply to support queries over email within 24 hours.


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